Boettcher Cultural Leadership Program


The Boettcher Cultural Leadership Program was developed for the Boettcher Foundation in Denver, Colorado.

The program was designed to create a community of cultural leaders equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead lasting institutions and respond to an ever-changing environment. A statewide cohort of Colorado arts and cultural leaders participated in:

  • A structured curriculum of executive-level, team-centered seminars
  • Coaching, peer learning sessions, and other services to help leaders translate new ideas into action in their organizations and communities
  • Events hosted in communities across the state to build relationships among many of Colorado’s most effective cultural leaders

The Boettcher Foundation is dedicated to assisting, promoting, and encouraging the residents of the state of Colorado. This program built on the Foundation’s history of promoting leadership development in Colorado through the Boettcher Scholars Program and the Boettcher Teachers Program. Colorado’s arts and cultural organizations are one of the state’s great treasures, and the Foundation believes this is the right time to invest in their ongoing impact on the Colorado community. By partnering with NAS, the Foundation provided an unprecedented level of executive education specifically for the arts and cultural leaders of Colorado, and helped to sustain this treasured resource.