What’s holding you back?

By     Apr 29, 2013

We’re lucky to work in a field with a bounty of creative and interesting thinkers. In the cultural field, casual conversations can lead to some inspiring and innovative ideas, but these ideas can sometimes get lost in the bustle of our daily work. So often, cultural organizations find themselves stuck executing the same programs and following the same processes they have used for decades. In an under-resourced and highly demanding environment, we often devote our energy to putting out the fires and can have hard time thinking past our immediate needs. So the cycle repeats. What if you could instead take those thought-provoking ideas and use them to change your organization?

Are you interested in exploring a new business model? Wondering how to create more engaging experiences? Do you need to respond to changing relationships and demands from stakeholders? With the right process for evaluating ideas and balancing them with your needs and priorities, you can make innovation a regular part of your work.

At Leading Innovation, you’ll learn and practice a process to help you explore all range of questions – big and small. You’ll choose a real problem you wish to tackle and, over this two-day seminar, your team will work through this problem to lay the groundwork for change upon your return home.

When you return to the office, your team will be empowered with a new vocabulary around brainstorming and innovation, as well as a process that will help you introduce change. Past attendees of Leading Innovation tell us that, even years after the seminar, they continue to use this process to engage staff and board in evaluating ideas from programming decisions to strategic planning.

“What I now find most remarkable is how often the Hyde Park Art Center board and staff use this process while evaluating next steps, ideas for programming and what we hope for our future.”

— Janis Kanter (Board Chair, Hyde Park Art Center)

Join us in Nashville July 19-20 for our next presentation of Leading Innovation! We are now accepting applications from teams eager to learn more about making innovation a part of their organizations. Name your own price when you apply; travel support is also available. Apply online by May 31 »