What motivates your staff?

By NAS    Sep 27, 2010

Many jobs in nonprofits arts and culture organizations are very demanding – requiring long hours and often for less money than people would prefer. So what is it that keeps your staff motivated to go the extra mile to meet your mission? This is a question that a lot of people have been asking. There’s a growing body of research about what motivates people to give their best, and the answer is probably not what you’d expect.

For most of your staff, giving them more autonomy, mastery and purpose will actually help them perform better. But how exactly do you ensure that your team has the freedom to be self-directed with a strong sense of purpose, and has opportunities to improve their skills and mastery? During Talk with an Expert: Attracting, Motivating and Retaining Staff, Dr. Diane Burton will explore your questions about how to creatively design jobs and institutional policies that will help give your staff what they need to stay motivated.

Professor Burton is an expert in human resource management at Cornell University. She specializes in organizational theory, entrepreneurship, and the affect of organizational systems and practices on organizational performance and individual career outcomes. During the October 21 Q&A session, she’ll explore these topics with a small group of 12 participants. Prior to the event, you’ll have access to a recording in which she discusses the unique management challenges of arts organizations, what attracts people to organizations and how to create “good jobs” that keep staff motivated and focused on mission achievement.

Participation is strictly limited to allow for the highest levels of engagement. Team participation is strongly encouraged; the tuition is $95 per login.

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