Welcome the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy Class of 2017

By NAS     Feb 16, 2017

For three years, we’ve partnered with the University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy and Practice to provide a certificate in cultural leadership through the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy. Today, we are honored to announce the class of 2017.

They hail from around the world. They work in theaters, museums, symphonies, community centers and so much more. These passionate individuals are joining each other on an eight-month journey to strengthen their leadership capacity and grow their knowledge of management in the arts and culture field.

Please join us in welcoming them!

Dorothy Allen | Aiken, SC
Meghan Brennan | Annapolis, MD
Nicola Carpenter | Jersey City, NJ
Camille Delaney-McNeil | Mitchellville, MD
Fabiola Delgado | Washington, DC
Elizabeth Eames | Brooklyn, NY
Chris Ensor | Küsnacht, Switzerland
David Gerstein | Little Rock, AR
Bliss Griffin | Brooklyn, NY
Molly Gross | Brooklyn, NY
Adam Grosswirth | Jackson Heights, NY
Justen Harn | Portland, OR
Kimberly Herder | New York, NY
Jamie Hughes | Philadelphia, PA
Lisa Janssen | Carbondale, IL
Brian Johnson | Arlington, VA
Rachel Kabukala | Kansas City, MO
Michelle Knight | Toronto, Ontario
Alicia Le’Von Boone | Brooklyn, NY
Alison Levinson | Santa Ana, CA
Jenaveve Linaberry | Lakewood, CO
Edward Lonergan | Elizabethtown, NY
Jordan Martin | Washington, DC
Juliana Mascelli | Washington, DC
Jessica McPherson | Felton, PA
Nicole Michalec | Atlanta, GA
Adriana Moreno | Bogotá, Colombia
Taylor Neitzke | Portland, OR
Silaphone Nhongvongsouthy | Providence, RI
Aaron Nichols | South Bend, IN
Elizabeth Oliver | Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Ridgway | Hyattsville, MD
Adam Roberts | Austin, TX
Sandra Rodrigues | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Miriam Rosalky | New York, NY
Elizabeth Sarkady | Brooklyn, NY
Jeffrey Scott | Washington, DC
Valerie Sloan | Providence, RI
Tony Small | Columbia, IL
Caralyn Spector | Washington, DC
Nicole Spicer | Chicago, IL
Kristine Strecker | Downingtown, PA
Jennie Terman | Mount Rainer, MD
Matthew Thompson | Temple Hills, MD
Taeli Turner | Madison, WI
Emma Wall | Raleigh, NC
Peter Wilgotsson | Kristianstad, Sweden
Guy Yedwab | Brooklyn, NY
Michelle Youngs | Charlotte, NC
Marie Zvosec | Brooklyn, NY