Understanding your organization’s network map

By NAS    May 3, 2010

In order to build effective alliances, you need to have the right network. You (and your organization) need to be connected to the right mix of people and organizations including those critical individuals who can make things happen and extend your reach throughout your community. But how do you know if you’ve got the “right mix” in your network?

Visual representations of your network – network maps – can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your network so you can identify opportunities and relationships that you can leverage and build on. Network maps, like the one below, are especially valuable when assessing organization networks which typically consist of layers of individual networks.

Using a network map like this you can easily see where your networks are strongest, and you can begin to analyze how to work as a team to adjust your network in a cohesive, strategic way. Our Creative Alliances seminar gives participants the opportunity to map their organization’s network. Teams work together to apply concepts relating to strategic collaborations, partnership structures and alliance tactics as they analyze the strengths, gaps, and opportunities hidden in their network map.

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