Online Q&A about the facts and fictions of organizational growth February 10

By NAS     Feb 2, 2011

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There are numerous mantras and “best practices” about organizations floating around out there – but how many of them are true? This two-part event is your opportunity to separate the fact from the fiction and explore your questions about organizational growth with our featured expert, Edward Hess, an executive-turned-academic who researches the challenges of growth and building enduring organizations.

When you register for Talk with an Expert: Smart Growth you’ll receive an online video of Professor Hess discussing common misconceptions about growth, different types of growth organizations can choose to pursue and the components that enable continual improvement or “smart” growth within an organization. You’ll then get to spend an entire hour exploring your questions about what “smart” growth means for your organization during a live video-conference with Professor Hess February 10, 1-2 PM EST.

We strictly limit participation to 12 organizations to ensure the highest levels of engagement throughout the live Q&A session, and there are only a couple of spaces remaining. Given the strategic nature of this material, we strongly encourage you to have colleagues join you so you can collectively consider what “smart” growth means for you organization and to debrief after the live discussion. No matter how many people from your organization participate, the tuition is $95 per login.

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