New Pricing for Business of Arts and Culture Seminars

By NAS     Oct 4, 2011

Starting in 2012, we will ask organizations to name their own tuition for all Business of Arts and Culture seminars. We’ve heard from leaders that our seminars help create real solutions to the challenges they face. We’ve also heard that many still need extra help to make educational expenditures possible. This new pricing approach allows organizations to take part in our seminars at a price they can afford to pay. We will continue to offer travel support for out-of-town participants.

Allowing teams to name their own tuition is an experiment that will run through June 2013. We pride ourselves on being a learning organization and see this as a great opportunity to explore a new pricing model. We have included case studies on this model in our classrooms and want to explore how it could work for educational offerings. We look forward to sharing the lessons we learn.

The full tuition required to cover the cost of the Business of Arts and Culture seminars is $900 per person ($2,700−$4,500 per team). We work very hard to bring down the cost of delivering these seminars, and this price is a fraction of the fee for comparable programs at leading universities. Under this new pricing model, NAS will self-fund any costs not covered by participating organizations. The tuition each team chooses to pay will help make it possible for others to attend at little or no cost.

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