Negotiation doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game

By NAS     Oct 13, 2010

Many people view negotiation in a negative light, as an activity riddled with deceit and aggressive behavior. But negotiations done the right way can lead to outcomes in which everyone wins and all parties involved walk away feeling good about how they arrived at an agreement.

Negotiation: Strategies to Follow and Pitfalls to Avoid is your opportunity to learn negotiation strategies from a leading expert on group dynamics, and influence and negotiations, Professor Margaret Neale of Stanford University Graduate School of Business. In addition to proven negotiation strategies, Professor Neale will be sharing tools to help you assess when you should (and should not) negotiate, and a focused framework for determining your best negotiation strategies.

This Closer Look webinar will put you in the virtual classroom or Dr. Neale, November 11 from 1-2 PM ET. The cost of tuition for this event is $95 per login.

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