Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture: Get Your Team Together

By     Aug 21, 2014

Curious about how to participate in Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture as a team? We’ve received several unique responses to our suggestion that this course is ideal for individuals or team participation.
A team from an arts service organization shared their plans to enroll in the course, watch the course lectures together in their conference room and talk through discussion points in real time, creating a team building and learning environment throughout the organization.
We know that for some it may be difficult to gather a team of colleagues you work with on a weekly basis. While teams can be from your organization, they can also include people from across organizations. Sam Oliver at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans and Morgan Sasser at the Arts Council of New Orleans shared their plans to create a cross-organizational group to complete the course together. Sam and Morgan plan to gather a team of young professionals working in arts and cultural organizations across the city to work through the course together. This unique team structure will allow for members to watch lectures on their own time and come together to apply the learning. By working together on the course, this young professionals group will build relationships between organizations in the New Orleans community.
Teams can also be made up of members across locations. The online platform provides the perfect space for sharing and collaboration throughout the sector, regardless of time zone.
Still don’t have a team in mind? Don’t worry! Once the course begins, you can search for a team or for others to join your team using the class discussion board dedicated to this topic or you can choose to participate in the course individually without completing a team innovation project.
Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture is now open for free enrollment on Coursera. Class begins on September 16.


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