Join the Creative Community Fellows New England network

By NAS     Mar 13, 2018

Creative Community Fellows brings a group of twenty-five creative change makers across New England together, to be part of something bigger, to learn life-changing skills and to see dreams become reality.

Fellows jump-start the program by living and learning together in Vermont for one week in an incubator-like environment building their skills in strategy, leadership and design thinking. Over the course of five months, they take monthly online courses in topic areas such as community development, finding capital and support, budgeting and more. Together, they share updates on their projects and meet with leaders in the field who serve as mentors. Fellows test, adapt, and build on their work, walking away with clarity and a roadmap to move forward.

We are looking for the dedicated, curious and collaborative, who seize opportunities for change.

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“All of these tools are equipping us, as leaders, to actually go out and make that change.”

Jordan Reeves | 2017-18 Fellow