How can you increase your influence? Online Q&A April 28

By NAS    Apr 19, 2011

Have you ever wondered what determines who is influential? The truth is influence has more to do with communication and behavioral tactics than it does with any innate characteristics. People have developed “hard-wiring” that make it more likely for us to respond positively to some requests than others – not based on the request itself, but on how we are asked. The key to influence is understanding what people are likely to respond to and acting in ways that are most likely to elicit the response you want.

Talk with an Expert: Ethical Influence is a two-part event that will help you understand the underpinnings of how to build influence and will give you the opportunity to explore your questions about using proven influence strategies in a live videoconference. Both parts of this event feature Professor Paula Caproni from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, an expert on leadership and interpersonal skills. The first part of this event is a 20-minute video of Professor Caproni explaining influence strategies, why influence strategies work and how to use the strategies ethically. The second part is a Q&A session April 28, 1-2 PM EDT in which you and a small group of colleagues will explore your questions about how to use the strategies from the video in your work and life.

The nature of this content and the anticipated questions are not ideal for team participation. We are limiting participation to 25 individuals to ensure the highest level of engagement. The tuition to take part in this event is $45 per person.

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