Get the right people to the table to build more effective collaborations

By NAS     Nov 29, 2010

Collaborations and partnerships can have a broad impact on an organization, often requiring critical resources from any number of departments including programs, marketing, finance and senior management. But how often are all of those departments at the table to assess your organization’s opportunities and craft an approach that respects the existing demands on the parties involved? NAS’ Creative Alliances seminar is a two-day working session designed to help cross-departmental leadership teams explore critical questions like:

  • Under what circumstances are alliances appropriate for your mission, needs and environment?
  • And, if undertaken, what form should these initiatives take?
  • What factors will contribute to the success of these partnerships?

Apply now to bring your leadership team together in Miami February 25-26 to work with two leading experts, Walter Powell of Stanford University and Jeanette Colyvas of Northwestern University. All participating teams will attend with Organization Fellowships covering the full cost of tuition. Fellowships will be offered through a simple application process. The deadline to apply is December 17, 2010. Teams from outside the Miami area will also be eligible for travel support of $600 per person.