Final 2010 Organization Fellowship Opportunity

By NAS    Aug 9, 2010

Strategic Governance is the final seminar that we’ll be presenting with the 2010 Organization Fellowship. This seminar provides senior leadership and board members with the opportunity to strengthen one of the most critical capacities of any nonprofit organization – governance. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to work with your most important allies to make the organization you each care so much about as strong as it can be.

During this two day working-session, you will learn how to create conditions and build relationships that can react to change, contribute to good decisions and, in turn, to good governance. By the end of this seminar you will have:

  • An advanced conception of how boards and executives work together for organizational success
  • A more sophisticated understanding of the functions and elements of governance
  • A framework for analyzing governance performance in an organization
  • An advanced self-evaluation instrument that can be employed for annual evaluation and continued governance improvement

Strategic Governance will be presented in Chicago, December 2-3. All teams will attend with Organization Fellowships covering the full $1250 team tuition. Teams from outside the Chicago area will also receive up to $600 per person to help with the cost of travel and lodging. The deadline to apply is October 8.

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