Explore key questions in building effective collaborations

By NAS    Mar 29, 2010

Across the country, many arts leaders and funders are talking about collaborations and partnerships. But with so many possible collaborations and so many prospective partners, how can you be sure you’re pursuing the ones that make the most sense for your organization’s mission, goals and core capacities? Creative Alliances is a two-day working session that provides you and your team with the tools you need to identify, evaluate and more effectively act on opportunities to build alliances.

Bring your leadership team to Detroit July 22-23 to work with two outstanding professors as you explore the critical questions necessary for building effective collaborations:

  • Under what circumstances are alliances appropriate for your mission, needs and environment?
  • And, if undertaken, what form should these initiatives take?
  • What factors will contribute to the success of these partnerships?

All participating teams will receive a 2010 Organization Fellowship covering the full $1250 team tuition and must apply to attend. Travel support will also be available for teams from outside Detroit. Apply before the May 21 deadline »