Does your board need an update?

By     Jun 25, 2012

How does your organization today compare to its original form? It’s likely you’ve experienced some change – maybe in programming, audience or revenue structure. We’re constantly under pressure to explore new models and new funding sources.  Advances in technology have changed the way we design and deliver some services, and also how we work. All of these changes have great implications for organizational structure and leadership. Does your board reflect these changes? Do the skills of your trustees reflect the current needs of your organization?

Examining your board performance and structure can be pivotal in helping you move to the next phase of your work. At Strategic Governance, you and your board will learn frameworks for analyzing governance performance and practice an advanced self-evaluation instrument you can use and reuse to ensure continued improvement.

Join us November 15-16 in Miami for Strategic Governance to develop your understanding of how board and staff can work together to steward an organization toward its goals. Learn more about Strategic Governance or apply by August 24 »