Creative Alliances deadline just one month away

By NAS    Apr 19, 2010

May 21 is the application deadline for the July 22-23 presentation of Creative Alliances in Detroit. This two-day working session is your opportunity to bring your team together to think more strategically about the alliances you seek and maintain. You and your team will gain practical tools that enable you to determine when and how to develop and maximize productive collaborations. By the end of this two-day working session your team will be able to:

  • Differentiate between different types of alliances
  • Identify possible partnerships within your organization’s existing network map
  • Analyze the benefits, costs and risks of strategic opportunities
  • Articulate why you would or would not choose to pursue various collaborations

All participating teams will attend Creative Alliances with a 2010 Organization Fellowship covering the full $1250 tuition. Additional travel support will be available to teams from outside the Detroit metropolitan area. Apply now »

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