Creative Alliances Deadline December 17

By NAS     Dec 6, 2010

This time of year focus is often in short supply. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attend the NAS Creative Alliances seminar in Miami with an Organization Fellowship. Be sure to get your team together and submit your application before the December 17 deadline. Apply now »

In a time when everyone is talking about collaboration, you need to be sure that you’re partnering with the right organizations for the right reasons – not just jumping on the bandwagon. The NAS Creative Alliances seminar will challenge your team to think more strategically about the alliances you seek and maintain – no matter what their form and scope.

You and your team will spend two days working with two outstanding professors, Walter Powell of Stanford University and Jeanette Colyvas of Northwestern University. They will guide your team through class discussions and team exercises that will help you identify ways to better leverage your networking abilities and set the stage for more productive collaborations with other organizations. By the end of the seminar you’ll have a better idea of when and how to develop alliances that are mutually beneficial and advance your organization’s vision within your own community.

All participating teams will attend with an Organization Fellowship covering the cost of tuition for a team of up to six. Participants from outside the Miami metropolitan area will also be eligible to receive travel support to help with the costs of travel and lodging. Fellowships will be awarded based on a simple application process.

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