Call for Submissions: A Conversation on Career Plans

By     Sep 11, 2015

SLIDE_Call_SubmissionsHow do you craft a career plan? Why is it important to have a career plan? How do you identify your gaps in learning? How do you begin to fill those gaps?

We’re exploring all these questions and more in a conversation on Field Notes this October and we want to hear from you! We aim to host a field-wide conversation on how to craft a career plan in order to highlight the range of experiences and bring to light the array of tools that can be helpful to staff, colleagues and ourselves.

We’ve all been or are currently in some part of the career plan journey. Either you are a long-time CEO of an established organization with a unique story of how you got there or you’re a new graduate with a few years of experience trying to figure out what’s the next step. We want to hear from you – all of you.

We’re accepting submissions from anyone interested in writing a 200-300 word piece about this topic in our field. Submissions will be accepted through September 30, 2015 COB and featured on our Arts Journal blog, Field Notes throughout October 2015.

Please share this call with those in your network and encourage your colleagues to get involved in this conversation.

Please send submissions to Taylor Craig, Selected submissions may be edited for length and clarity. Feel free to contact Taylor with any questions you have regarding this call.