Bigger isn’t always better

By NAS     Dec 27, 2010

Traditional forms of growth can pose many challenges to organizations – from increasing fixed costs to altering the culture of your organization. So what can you do to continually improve your organization and impact even if not your organization’s size? Edward Hess, an expert on sustaining high-performance organizations, has some suggestions. In our next Talk with an Expert event, he will answer your questions about “smart” growth and opportunities for improvement that will contribute to your organization’s long-term sustainability.

Join Professor Hess and NAS for Talk with an Expert: Smart Growth February 10, 1-2 PM EST. Prior the live session, your team will be provided with a video in which Professor Hess discusses the pitfalls of traditional forms of growth and strategies for continually improving organizations so you can spend the entire hour exploring your questions. You can even gather a team to watch the video and prepare questions about what “smart” growth means for your organization and how it relates to your strategy.

Participation for this Q&A session will be strictly limited to 12 logins to ensure the highest level of engagement. Tuition for teams who register before January 21 is $75, a $20 discount from the standard tuition.

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