Are your teams as effective as they could be?

By NAS    Jul 6, 2010

There are key challenges that face all groups – who should be included, how to get team members to participate and contribute, how to avoid groupthink so you can generate the new ideas you seek. There are also proven strategies for addressing these and other challenges of team work. Join NAS July 29, 1-2 PM EDT for a small group Q & A session with expert Professor Margaret Neale of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business to explore your questions about making your teams more successful.

This small group discussion will be limited to twelve organizations to ensure the highest level of interaction. In advance of the live event, you and your team will be provided with a short recording of Professor Neale discussing the inherent challenges in working in teams and strategies for being more effective. We encourage you to gather a group of your colleagues and prepare questions in advance of the discussion based on the recording. The tuition for attending is $95 per team.

Space is strictly limited. Register now for Talk with an Expert: Managing Successful Teams »