Are you ready for change?

By     Jul 26, 2012

In a recent post on the Nonprofit Law Blog, “Change is Good,” Gene Takagi discusses common challenges and fears surrounding organizational change, and some of the ways in which board members can be advocates for positive change within the organizations they steward.  To overcome some of these barriers, Takagi recommends tactics such as dedicating meeting time to focus on the change, using a facilitator, creating committees and so on.

These are all great tips. It’s also important to determine if the board you have is staffed and structured to effectively manage the change you wish to effect. Taking the time to evaluate board performance and exploring the different ways in which your board can serve the organization will help you in determining if you have the right mix of support and structure to take on change. At National Arts Strategies’ Strategic Governance seminar, teams of board members and senior managers develop the skills to assess governance within their organizations using a self-evaluation tool. Building on an advance survey, seminar content will focus on the needs of attending teams and will include discussion of case studies, mini-lectures and practical exercise to help teams work together to improve organizational governance.

Does your organization have the leadership required to successfully navigate change? Learn more about Strategic Governance or apply with your team to join us in Miami November 15-16 »