Apply for Strategic Marketing by January 20

By     Jan 11, 2012

The deadline to apply for the first Business of Arts and Cultural seminar of 2012 is next Friday, January 20. Strategic Marketing, presented April 12-13 in Washington, DC, will help you discover how you can capture and retain the audiences you’ve chosen to serve. Using a curriculum developed in partnership with Harvard Business School, you’ll develop the foundation for your organization’s strategic marketing plan and return home with a renewed focus on how to advance your mission by creating value for your stakeholders.

Karl Androes, Executive Director of Reading in Motion, discusses how his team used the tools and processes presented at Strategic Marketing to effectively position the organization and reach multiple segments.

We’re happy to speak with you about the seminar curriculum and your proposed team to help determine how you can make the most of this opportunity. Learn more about Strategic Marketing or apply by Friday, January 20 »