NAS Community Calls

As the arts and culture sector and the leaders who operate within it adjust to the rippling professional and social effects of COVID-19, NAS Community Calls were started to provide spaces for our alumni community to come together in support of one another, sharing perspectives and discussing opportunities to do powerful good by working together.

We’ve developed three types of calls to meet the needs of our community. You can read more about each call below, view their upcoming schedules, and follow the links to sign up.

Only want/able to attend one call in a series? That’s fine! There’s no requirement to register for all of a call type’s upcoming dates. Join as many or as few as you’d like.

Virtual Hugs

Virtual Hug calls are an opportunity for leaders to reconnect with their NAS program cohort on Zoom to share perspectives, support and resources. These 90-minute calls serve to create a container for connection and sharing between the community, assisting NAS in understanding the current realities of our alumni and guiding the support we can offer.

Virtual Hug calls are listed by NAS program and, in some cases, cohort year. Please sign up for Virtual Hug calls corresponding only to your NAS program.

Chief Executive Program
Creative Community Fellows
Creative Community Fellows: New England
Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy

2015 - 2019 Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy Cohorts

2020 Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy Cohort

Senior Management Institute

All Community Working Sessions

All Community Working Sessions are two hour Zoom calls that bring leaders together across NAS programs and cohorts to create a frame and space to explore structural changes that need to happen – individual and organizational actions towards anti-racist ways of being and operating. Calls are challenging, supportive and non-judgemental spaces that ignite relationships and help NAS better understand ways we can support our community moving forward.

July 2021

Reopening: A Group Discussion

In July’s session we’ll revisit the subject of reopening in the midst of covid. We’ll reference the mindmap of questions created during May’s session so that attendees can share their concerns, ideas and experiences. Rather than engaging guest speakers for the first hour, we quickly move to small group work to put the emphasis on individual learning and sharing.

Sign up: July 13, 2021 @ 3:30pm EDT / 12:30pm PDT

BIPOC Community

A monthly one hour gathering for leaders who identify with the BIPOC community to share their experiences, build solidarity, and gain peer support in order to continue the work of undoing racist structures and advancing racial justice.