Wendy Morris

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Central Time Zone (UTC−06:00)

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Wendy C. Morris is an internationally recognized facilitator of leadership development working at the intersection of arts, culture and community change. Two career highlights were stewarding Creative Citymaking, a successful arts-based innovation pilot to advance racial equity in the City of Minneapolis; and the Creative Community Leadership Institute, a cross-sector leadership program that she co-founded and facilitated for 17 years, now a network of 250 changemakers forging arts-infused partnerships across the Upper Midwest region.

Somewhere between performing with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet and teaching at cutting-edge leadership centers in Asia, Europe and North America, Wendy discovered she had a gift for helping leaders come more agile, adaptive, effective and whole. She partners with global networks for change (Human Systems Dynamics Institute, Presencing Institute and Art of Hosting network), has an MA degree in Human Development, and is affiliated with two research and training centers at the University of Minnesota (Center for Spirituality and Healing and Humphrey School of Public Affairs Center for Integrative Leadership).

Wendy’s life and work are informed by 19,000 hours of mindfulness training and somatic/embodiment practice. A Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory/IDI, she has coached philanthropic leaders who are committed to more equitable funding outcomes. Her work has been recognized by 25 awards in leadership, artmaking, and interdisciplinary practice including fellowships from the Bush Foundation, McKnight Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts. Wendy is dedicated to setting conditions for an equitable, creative and thriving future.

“Wendy is working at a master level…People breathe when Wendy’s around…Her ease in her own skin makes other people be at ease in theirs.”

-Patricia Neal, Center for Purposeful Leadership, President & Co-Author of The Art of Convening

“Wendy is a master integrator. She’s part of that rare breed of people who have a deep knowledge of a particular domain, the ability to make strong connections across domains, and a graceful way of leading others to find those connections for themselves.”

-Colin Funk, Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, Leadership Development (Former) Programming Director