Marángeli Mejía Rabell

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Eastern Time Zone (UTC−05:00)

My schedule is flexible.

“The honoring of those that are now spirit is essential as is honoring their work to assure that their work continues to be expanded upon generation after generation.”
– Dr. Marta Moreno-Vega, Afro-Puerto Rican. Founder of the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute.

Marángeli Mejía Rabell is a Puerto Rico-born, Philadelphia-based connector, cultural organizer & producer, arts & culture curator and programmer whose work is centered on co-creation, capacity building, leadership development, cross sector collaborations and honoring our roots as a tool for social change and community self actualization.

Currently, Marangeli is a Coach with the National Arts Strategies working towards her International Coaching Federation certification. Serving as part of this community of practice provides her with the opportunity to partner with others to navigate the complexities of our landscapes, develop strategies through self reflection and design actions to drive positive change.

Marangeli’s practice is focused on community media practices, cultural organizing, intersectionality, accessibility and diversity. As Director of the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival and Co Founder/Creative Partner of AFROTAINO she co-curates, designs and executes arts & culture programming, collaborations and multidisciplinary projects. She has served as the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival Director for seven years supporting the groundbreaking work of Latinx filmmakers. Under Marángeli’s leadership, PHLAFF has evolved into an international film festival that brings the best of US-based Latinx and Latin American stories to wide audiences. Throughout Marángeli’s career, she has centered Latinx creators, stories and culture to bring about positive change and new representation.

These experiences have supported her to expand her skills in developing and leading projects, campaigns and programs that combine business and community objectives and over three decades of experience establishing systems and metrics to measure collective impact.

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