Kelli Strickland

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Central Time Zone (UTC−06:00)

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I approach coaching with the same values that I’ve depended on during my twenty-five year career in the arts and culture sector: respect, kindness, humor and honesty. I am a member of the International Coach Federation with an anticipated accreditation date of Spring 2021, having completed my training through the National Arts Strategies Leadership Coaching training program.

Chances are, if you have dedicated time and energy to working in the creative sector, you have no shortage of vision and excellent ideas. But we can all use the support and space to figure out how to execute those ideas, how to bring our best selves to the vision and to get clarity on what the moment is calling for now.

Our leadership styles and proficiencies change over time. Acquiring new knowledge, experience and perspective all result in an evolution of personal leadership that needs periodic examination. From emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs in the creative sector…to those in transition…to those who are just feeling overwhelmed, coaching can be a powerful tool to reflect, clarify, evaluate, build vision and strategy.

With my experience in small producing organizations, large presenting institutions, higher education and plenty of years spent in the hustle as a freelance artist, teaching artist and consultant, I have intimate knowledge of the unique challenges and rewards that we face in our field. Areas of exploration for you might be:

  • Leading change
  • Rediscovering Joy and Passion
  • Transitions and Professional Growth
  • Learning to Share Power
  • Balance
  • Stuck-ness
  • Focusing an overwhelming number of ideas
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“The partnership with Kelli has been transformational in both a personal and a professional sense. Each session frames a discrete area of inquiry facilitated by her skilled approach to collaborative learning. Kelli has a honed ability to articulate my questioning into concise areas of focus and to present questions which allow for a deep dive into my perspective, perceptions and principles. All of which are key to growth for myself, and the organisation I administer. The coaching relationship with Kelli has ensured a confident alignment of my actions and values, while also providing guidance as I assess how my strengths are best utilized in my work as an arts leader. “ – Catherine Stewart, Artistic Director, New Hampshire Theatre Project