Kate Griffin

Lancaster, New Hampshire
Eastern Time Zone (UTC​−05:00)

I am generally available 9am-5pm EST during the week. I live in New Hampshire, but am in Berkeley, CA some of the time as well; when I am on the West Coast, I’m generally available 11:30am-7:30pm EST Monday-Friday. I have some flexibility, so ask if you only have other hours available!

I work with both established and emerging leaders in arts and culture, public humanities, community development, and social justice. I love coaching clients who are ready for change at both the personal and social levels.

Coaching provides a uniquely powerful learning space. It is built around co-creating, deep listening, asking questions, holding space for reflection, and identifying action steps. Your personal growth and your work to make a better world are interrelated – and coaching challenges you to go deeper. It draws out your inner wisdom and your core values to help you embody your own, authentic leadership.

As a coach, I draw on my background in facilitation, teaching, and other practices of listening and collaboration as well my experience as a white person working on issues of social justice, civic engagement, and equity.

Growing up in a low-income household in a rural community, living with a disability, and my background in higher education have led me to become a student of many different fields that shape my approach to coaching, including somatics and other healing modalities, humanities, social justice, and cultural strategy (using arts and culture for social change work). I am committed to equity and social justice, undoing white supremacy and the intersectional systems of oppression that bind us. Currently I split my time between rural New England and the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can learn more about my professional background on my LinkedIn: