Judith Rose

Cold Spring, New York
Eastern Time Zone (UTC−05:00)

Let’s work out a mutually suitable time.

The clients who come to me have a hurdle or challenge before them. They want help figuring out what steps they need to take. They have a professional or personal goal to reach or are facing troubled times, sickness or loss. As a certified community coach and a member of the NAS coaching cadre, I join as a partner. Together we work to clear the way.

I hold to the fact that everyone is able to find their own path. My methodology is simple. I listen, listen some more, ask questions. I do not give opinions or suggestions. My role is to encourage reflection and thoughtfulness in the client. I strive to be humble in my work.

I have a background in non profit community development consulting, currently holding a full time position at NeighborWorks America as a relationship manager. In this position I have used a wide range of practices to address community and housing issues. Most importantly, I have learned that the client always has the answer they need within their own experience; my best role is as a coach helping them formulate their goal, identify what expanded capacity they need, and then develop a plan to meet the challenge. Many of my current clients are also in the not for profit sector, either as leaders, work teams or board members. They are passionate, committed and caring.

In the past I worked as an institutional chaplain so I draw on that experience by encouraging my clients to lean on their own beliefs and values in facing the challenges in front of them. When not coaching, I am a stone sculptor. As with my coaching, my goal is always to uncover what lies beneath.

If interested, you can see more details of my work experience on LinkedIn.