Jonas Cartano

New York, New York
Eastern Time Zone (UTC−05:00)

My schedule is relatively flexible. As long as we book things in advance I can hold times. As a consultant, I don’t have a 9-5, but instead build my professional schedule as client needs and project deadlines come up. But meeting during the daytime (I’m based in NYC) or evenings would be fine. I’d prefer meeting M-F.

In my coaching practice, I work with individuals to thoughtfully explore professional questions, areas of interest, and sticky issues and to create directional clarity and momentum for change. I am a person with an active mind and curious soul and, in my professional life, I’m an arts and nonprofit consultant, both independently and as co-founder of Third Eye Cultural Collaborative.

I love coaching because I love learning and co-creating with others. Through conversation and questioning, coaching provides an opportunity to reflect, learn, and make conscious decisions about what to do next. I struggle with the same challenges my clients face—I am very familiar with the pressure of the job, misalignment with co-workers, feelings of inadequacy, and lack of clarity around mission, purpose, or even just what the next step should be. By providing a supportive space to give voice to those feelings and explore different approaches, coaching can make us feel less lonely and give us more focus and self-confidence in our work and in ourselves.

I enjoy coaching with professionals of all experience levels, not just executives, and I coach individuals from many fields of work. I am, however, mindful about systemic economic injustice and know from experience that many promising leaders who work in the nonprofit sector often lack access to professional development like coaching. Because of this, I dedicate a good portion of my coaching practice to these individuals. I am nearing the completion of a yearlong coaching accreditation program with an emphasis on practical experience.

Prior to coaching and consulting, I spent almost 20 years in the arts and nonprofit sectors as a designer and manager of arts education, leadership development, nonprofit management, and innovation and change management programs. In my free time, I am an arts and culture addict, a volunteer for social impact organizations, an ultimate frisbee enthusiast, a choral singer, and an eager traveler.