Jesse Rosen

New York, New York
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I have experienced the many benefits of terrific coaches during my own career as a music and performing arts professional that spans more than four decades. A good coaching relationship provides the undivided attention and skilled listening of someone focused entirely on helping you work through your challenges, as well as a partner who can help clarify paths forward. We all have supportive relationships with colleagues, board members, staff, and others who contribute to the richness of our professional lives. But there are limits to how much candor is possible within these relationships. As a client, I have valued my coaching relationships not only for the space they provide, free of entanglements, but especially for the benefits of empathy, real listening, discovery, and co-creating actions that helped me to reach my potential as an executive and leader.

I am entering the field of professional coaching, having recently retired as President and CEO of the League of American Orchestras (the national association for America’s orchestras,) where I worked for the past 22 years. Prior to joining the League, I held executive positions at the New York Philharmonic, the American Composers Orchestra, and the Seattle Symphony. I currently serve on two nonprofit boards.

Drawing on my experience in the field, I am now coaching clients to support their personal growth. I have worked extensively with the issues of governance, strategy, management, staff and labor relations, and leading change. I have counseled individuals in all career stages as they work to be their best selves amidst continuous change and uncertainty. The global pandemic and America’s reckoning with racism have added extraordinary challenges to both individual and organizational life. This is no time to go it alone.

I value the opportunities I have had to collaborate with some of the leaders in organizational development, including Ron Heifetz and Jim Collins, and invested in my own professional development through the Leadership Coaching Program of National Arts Strategies and the International Coaching Federation, as well as through the Harvard Program on Negotiation and the Center for Creative Leadership.

The leadership journey is neither two dimensional nor linear. Each of us brings our own unique gifts and histories, which can be leveraged to overcome the barriers that invariably arise as we strive to become fully ourselves. Coaching is about that exploration, and I am dedicated to helping others discover their best path forward.

“Working with Jesse has helped me manifest a new sense of agency in my professional life. He is a nuanced and compassionate listener who truly sees me and helps me see myself in ways that are otherwise difficult for me to achieve on my own. Jesse has helped me work through major challenges with confidence and clarity, and I am grateful for the growth he’s helped me achieve.”

Non-profit music professional

“I’ve been working with Jesse regularly for nearly a year, and his coaching has helped me clarify both professional and personal goals. His ability to listen, distill, and synthesize are some of his core strengths as a coach. I would recommend him without reservation for anyone looking to improve and excel in all facets of their life.”

Music entrepreneur