Gail Crider

Alexandria, Virginia
Eastern Time Zone (UTC​−05:00)

Leaders are on different journeys. I work with them along those paths, as they discern patterns, explore and name what is happening in order to continue to grow and thrive. When coaching, I work to co-create space that we too often do not make for ourselves – reflective, challenging, and nurturing.

I have partnered with leaders who are tightening alignment between values and work, testing new ideas, building or changing organizational culture, and working through times of great ambiguity.

In my career, I have navigated change and challenge in many different circumstances. I’ve been an entrepreneur, worked for banks, my mother, nonprofits and public and private funders. So far, I’ve lived in eight states – both rural and urban areas and traveled to 14 countries. I hold to my values of curiosity, courage and persistence, fairness and justice.

Currently, I am President & CEO of NAS. Prior to NAS, I was a program officer for a private foundation where I worked on inner-city redevelopment and community building in Washington, D.C. In that role, I co-chaired the Community Development Support Collaborative. I hold a B.S. in theater from Lewis and Clark College and continue to learn formally and informally through my work at NAS, including continuing education at Stanford University, Harvard Business School, University of Michigan – Ross School of Business, RaceForward, and CommonSense Consulting@Work (intercultural agility training).

I am a graduate of the NAS Leadership Coaching Program, am a current member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and anticipate my upcoming accreditation.