Change Network Champion

The Role & Description of the Champion

The Change Network, funded by the Bush Foundation, is a year-long program for people in North Dakota, South Dakota and the Native Nations that inhabit that space seeking to create more inclusive and welcoming organizations and communities, and wishing to deepen their awareness and understanding of tools to address the complex issues surrounding their efforts in building and supporting change. During the program year, participants build their self-awareness, develop their leadership abilities and increase their systems-change skillsets through one-on-one work, group discussions, online learning sessions and three in-person convenings.

The participants, also called Change Navigators, are asked to identify a Champion who will voluntarily take extraordinary interest in the adoption, implementation, and success of the Change Navigator and the Change Navigator’s cause and project.  Champions provide wisdom, insight, connections, experience and apply skills and non-fiscal resources that will support the Change Navigator to develop and implement ideas through expressed or perceived external or internal resistance to change.

What is the expectation of the Champion?
The Champion’s role is to support the Change Navigator in the following ways.

What is not expected of the Champion?
The Champion is neither expected nor required to:

What is the expectation of the Change Navigator with regards to the Champion?
For this relationship to be successful the Change Navigator will need to be proactive and clear, specifically to:

What is the anticipated time commitment of the Champion? On average the Champion should be willing to commit to a minimum of 12, one-hour meetings over the program year.