Don’t throw that home run ball back!

A bit of a longer leap than usual, but stick with me for a moment. Baseball…

Of mental models and doorknobs

In a rapidly changing environment, examining and recognizing our mental models is essential if we are to shape organizations that have the resilience to adapt to change.

Note on Technology as a Strategic Tool

How can organizations embrace new IT models to maximize workflow and productivity while reducing IT…

IBM’s Centenary: The Test of Time

This article (IBM’s centenary: The test of time | The Economist) is a great reminder…

When Business Meets Culture: Ideas and Experiences for Mutual Profit

In this book, eight academics look at the strategic, cultural, and marketing parallels between for…

A New Type of Hybrid

A comparison of the nonprofit and commercial models, and the introduction of a hybrid that may be more appealing.

Rethinking Capitalism

In this video interview on Rethinking Capitalism, Michael Porter (of Porter’s Five Forces fame, among…

Creating a Customer-Centric Business

Professor Ranjay Gulati of Harvard Business School discusses how organizations can become more customer (or audience)-centric and why this is a critical time for them to do so.

Inspiring & Motivating Arts & Culture Teams