Media Logic

I’ve been doing some extra reading on social media, online marketing, and online experiences as…

Exploring and Defining Influence: A New Study

These survey results show that influence (particularly online) has less to do with the size of your audience and more to do with the value of the content you are providing

What are the elements of a successful visitor experience?

Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, discusses the key elements necessary to build a great visitor experience — from resources and research to curriculum and web presence.

How can arts organizations use social media to deepen visitor experience?

Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, talks about the importance of social media as a way for visitors to share their own visitor experience and continue the discussion beyond the museum walls.

How does the prevalence of social media effect arts organizations?

Douglas McLennan, Editor of ArtsJournal, talks about how arts organizations should be thinking of social media.

State of the Art – For Those Facebook Left Behind –

A quick primer from NYTimes technology writer David Pogue on all things social media and the arts.

Unlocking the elusive potential of social networks

We often hear arts leaders asking about how to use social media. This McKinsey Quarterly article offers a good frame for looking at social media.

How Hospitality Companies are Using Social Media for Real Results

An interesting look at how a few smart organizations have integrated social media into their work.

What are the three most interesting trends in the arts and culture field?

Sally Sterling, an executive search consultant within Spencer Stuart, discusses trends in arts organizations.