A Logo Is Not a Brand

Brands aren’t just logos- they are a huge range of things that contribute to customer perceptions.

Should cultural institutions be in the business of “romance” or “precision”? Ask your newcomers

Here’s an interesting post from Peter Linett’s blog in which he discusses the presumption of…

Why Can’t Kmart Be Successful While Target and Walmart Thrive?

What can arts organizations learn from the successes and failures of these three discount retailers?…

Exploring and Defining Influence: A New Study

These survey results show that influence (particularly online) has less to do with the size of your audience and more to do with the value of the content you are providing

State of the Art – For Those Facebook Left Behind –

A quick primer from NYTimes technology writer David Pogue on all things social media and the arts.

How Hospitality Companies are Using Social Media for Real Results

An interesting look at how a few smart organizations have integrated social media into their work.

A new way to measure word-of-mouth marketing – McKinsey Quarterly – Marketing – Strategy

Assessing its impact as well as its volume will help organizations take better advantage of ‘buzz.’

Monitor: The net generation, unplugged | The Economist

An interesting article challenging the oft-received wisdom that millenials/gen y need to learn in a fundamentally different manner than their predecessors: “…there may be ‘as much variation within the digital native generation as between the generations.’ ”