What’s the Matter with “Why the Arts Matter?” 

  What if we tried something different? (I’m not advocating that we stop lobbying congress,…

Defining Our Value

The recent flurry of articles around the “failure” of the creative class to save our…

What is the place of cultural institutions within their communities?

Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival, suggests that to be truly relevant an organization must be “in, of, for and about” its community.

What is the role of arts organizations in society?

Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director of Ballet Hispanico, stresses the importance of art as a connector and being true to your mission.

How does an organization establish a clear identity while serving multiple communities?

Jessica Robinson Love, Executive & Artistic Director of CounterPULSE, talks about the challenges of serving diverse communities.

How do arts organizations engage diverse communities?

Kenneth Fischer, President of the University Musical Society of the University of Michigan, discusses his experiences building understanding and partnerships with the local Arab American community.

How do arts organizations build a meaningful community?

Douglas McLennan, Editor of ArtsJournal, talks about arts organizations’ need to support the vital role the audience plays in “completing the act of art.”

How does the Pro-Am Revolution affect arts organizations?

Ian David Moss, Research Director for Fractured Atlas, discusses the effects of the rise of professional amateurs on arts organizations.

What are the three most interesting trends in the arts and culture field?

Sally Sterling, an executive search consultant within Spencer Stuart, discusses trends in arts organizations.