Failure is an Option?

When conducting recent audience research with colleagues last year, we were stricken to hear from…

Failure… without Platitudes

We talk about the positive consequences of failure as though they are naturally occurring, like your idea blows up in your face and you are suddenly imbued with insight and a blueprint for future success. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Using a Hackathon to Foster a More Open and Innovative Organizational Culture

In 2012, The Walters Art Musuem hosted an event that invited the technology and creative communities to work together to build programs and applications inspired by art or to address specific challenges faced by museums. The event gave them some concrete ideas for programs and applications but it also gave them a new way to approach their work.

How do cultural institutions become innovative organizations?

Jeff DeGraff is professor of management and organizations at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a member of The Chief Executive Program’s New Nature of Competition faculty. In this clip he talks about the importance of diversity in innovation

Inspiring & Motivating Arts & Culture Teams