Tracy S. Harris

Chief Financial Officer
The BondFactor Company LLC
New York, New York

Tracy Harris is an accomplished financial executive, expert strategist and visionary leader with a record of success leading several large institutions. She currently serves as the chief financial officer of the University of Maryland Global Campus\Ventures, an organization that funds, develops and launches new ventures that advance innovation in higher education. An industrious and creative professional with a track record for improving efficiencies, streamlining processes and growing revenue, Ms. Harris is skilled at optimizing large organizations for long-term success. In addition to her financial acumen, she has proven to be an insightful leader, relationship builder, and expert negotiator who unites teams across all levels of an organization in the interest of pursuing excellence.

Committed to building on her expansive knowledge base through continuing education, Ms. Harris holds several degrees in addition to participating in elite executive management programs. She earned a bachelor’s in Marketing Management from Fontbonne University,  an MBA from Saint Louis University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and has participated in executive programs at Harvard Business School and Northwestern University. A passionate community servant and contributor, she donates her time as a board member, strategist, and advisor to numerous organizations.  Her high-caliber work and achievements have been recognized through several awards for financial excellence and service.