Matt Bess

Finance & Executive Assistant

Matt Bess comes to NAS as the Finance and Executive Assistant with a background in music education. In his undergraduate studies, he performed on violin, viola, bassoon, and contrabassoon. Upon his graduation, he went to teach orchestra and piano at the high school level for Fairfax County Public Schools for two years before going back to school to pursue a graduate degree in arts management. As a lover of puzzles, his hidden skills lie in operations, logistics, and production management. He gained experience as a music librarian, an orchestra manager, an operations manager for various youth, community, and professional performing arts organizations.

Had Matt not gone into music or the arts, he would have pursued mathematics with career aspirations to get into theoretical physics or astrophysics. He would like to become fluent in French and spends his spare time baking and spoiling the dogs of all his friends. He currently plays in the Manassas Symphony Orchestra.