Khadijah Wilson

Program Assistant

Khadijah Wilson comes to NAS with years of experience as a visual artist and with a broad range of experience working with organizations around arts education, youth development and engagement and providing direct services and resources to young adults.

As a youth, Khadijah discovered her passion for socially engaged art through her involvement with various community-based organizations including Critical Exposure, where she collaborated in a youth led campaign to implement Restorative Justice practices in DCPS Schools as an alternative to punitive practices and policies that disproportionally impact black and non-black students of color. She had the opportunity to attend conferences around racial equity in public education including New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCORE,) a group of current and former public-school educators and their allies committed to fighting for social justice in our school systems and society at large. Her experience influenced her creative practices and led her to obtain her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the George Washington University.

During her sophomore year of college, Khadijah continued her passion for arts and social justice and joined the Marvelous Whirlwind Project, where she co-produced a mobile art installation for the White House and Foster Care Technology Hackathon. The installation raised additional funding for a pilot program in Las Angeles and Ferguson Missouri. Khadijah hopes to use her experiences to make a positive contribution to her role as Program Assistant at NAS.

In her down time, Khadijah enjoys being around people that makes her laugh, visiting art shows and if she finds time, making art.