Jesper B. Sørensen, Ph.D.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Professor of Organizational Behavior

Jesper B. Sørensen is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has taught core courses in strategic management and corporate strategy, including an innovative course on the intersection of organizational and strategic issues, drawing on insights from sociology and economics. He is a sociologist who specializes in the dynamics of organizational and strategic change, and their implications for individuals and their careers. His research on firm outcomes has focused on the impact of organizational structure and culture on organizational learning, performance and innovation. His work on the dynamics of teams has led to new insights concerning how people respond to changes in the racial composition of their workgroups. Professor Sørensen earned an A.B. magna cum laude from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in sociology from Stanford University.

Faculty for Managing People, 2004 – 2008