The NAS Team

The Entire NAS Team
Board of Directors
Teaching Fellows
Gail Crider
President & CEO
Deryn Dudley
Director, Learning, Evaluation, Engagement
Royce Hodnett
Program Manager
Kyle Jillson
Engagement Manager
Margaret McKay
Financial Controller
Paul O
Senior Consulting Director
Carla Samson
Exchange Manager
Program Assistant
Mark Resnik
Board Chair
Sally Sterling
Board Vice Chair
Torrie Allen
Board Secretary
Tracy Harris
Board Treasurer
Kenneth Fischer
Board Member
Samuel Hoi
Board Member
Patricia Mooradian
Board Member
Angel Ysaguirre
Board Member
Stephanie Evans Hanson
Teaching Fellow
Alli Houseworth
Teaching Fellow
Philip Graulty
Teaching Fellow
Alison McNeil
Advisor & Teaching Fellow
George Nunes
Teaching Fellow