About NAS

Our Purpose

We are not talkers. We are facilitators and supporters. We want to enable diverse, creative action. We work with individuals and organizations to make the leap from where they are today to the future in which they can and must work.

Arts, culture and creativity fill essential roles in society. We are in a moment of upheaval and possibility. The more turbulent, uncertain, or complex the future, the more important it is for society to have these vehicles for expressing ideas, exploring possibilities, connecting people, and supporting change. We are confident that no matter how society changes the individual desire to create, express and participate in creative experiences will stay as strong as it has throughout human history.

NAS supports individuals, organizations, and the field to help realize the full potential of creatives in a time when that potential is most needed as a means of self-expression, to promote equity, inclusion and help support a more civil society.

Our Work

In all that we do, we seek to be true to our core values – to be respectful, collaborative, thoughtful, intellectually curious, inclusive, and supportive of arts and culture leaders in all forms.

We develop market-leading education services for individuals who play a variety of roles in the arts and culture ecosystem: artists, cultural entrepreneurs, board members, staff members and executives.

We provide open access to analytic tools and leadership frameworks through in-person convenings, on this site and through MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) on platforms such as Coursera. The individuals who make up the NAS community come from a mix of international, urban, rural and suburban communities. They work within organizations of all sizes and individually as artist/entrepreneurs. They come from a wide range of types – visual, performing, literary, aquaria, libraries and others. By putting heterogeneous groups of people together, perspectives and networks of understanding and support are broadened.

Our Approach

People are drawn to NAS because they want to explore and develop the range of possibilities that lies within themselves, their communities and across sectors.

We partner with them on this journey through our curriculum, experiential learning and ongoing support. Our educational experiences cross-pollinate ideas and practices, teaching other “languages” – the vernacular and frameworks of other disciplines and other sectors (such as government and for-profit).

We develop and deliver good programs. We provide boundaries within which to analyze and solve problems and to expand strengths. We frame each experience to fit individuals’ needs, learning styles and the social and civic challenges before them. Our guiding programmatic pillars remain constant: bring together the right group of people, facilitate conversations that test and push at the boundaries of what is possible and challenge people to effect change.