Nic de la Fuente

Spaces Convener, Spaces of Opportunity


Nicolas de la Fuente seeks to develop a global reality where opportunities trump disparities. As a non-profit director, convener and teacher, Nicolas has never been one to shy away from difficult conversations about community voice and unbalanced power dynamics. For the past 8 years Nicolas has worked in three different countries which gave him a deep understanding of abject poverty and the trickledown effect of U.S. systems on global disparities. For that reason, Nicolas is excited to be working on the construction of a new food system in the desert southwest with a focus on local community, local soil and local business. The Spaces of Opportunity initiative seeks to develop a thriving community food hub in south Phoenix with the main goal of keeping the food in the immediate community and challenging the notion that good food grown in impoverished areas cannot be sold in impoverished areas.

We are proud to share that Nic and his team at Spaces were recently awarded a 2016 Our Town Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts!