Creative Community Fellows: History & Lessons Learned

As of March 2019, five cohorts, comprising 169 Fellows, have completed the Creative Community Fellows program.

From our experience, observation and data collection we know about the ways in which Fellows learn from the curriculum, mentors, faculty and each other during the program, but we wanted to gain an even greater understanding of the changes Fellows experienced and influenced since completing the program.

We engaged FSG in 2016 to take a deeper dive in to the program data we had, talk directly with alumni and give us their clear-eyed view of program impact. Specifically, we wanted to learn more about the effect the program had on:

Top Takeaways:

  1. Fellows developed a greater capacity to lead change
  2. Fellows felt more connected to a diverse group of peers
  3. Fellows observed positive community change

“The biggest thing I took away was not feeling alone in the work; finding a group of people dedicated to this; building connections to the other Fellows; the NAS team; mentors – it was really powerful. Without this program, I wouldn’t have developed on my own.”