Executive Program Q&A with Jenaveve Linabary

By ,     Aug 30, 2017

Jenaveve Linabary

Jenaveve Linabary graduated from Linfield College with degrees in music (vocal performance) and elementary education. She is currently pursuing a career that will unite her passions for arts engagement, educational equity, and community development. Jenaveve has a history of progressive administrative and event management experience, supporting three academic and student services departments during her undergraduate studies and then serving as Office Manager and Event Coordinator for the International Pinot Noir Celebration. In her current role as Office Manager for the Jefferson County Library Foundation, Jenaveve provides key organizational support and project coordination for fundraising campaigns and special events, and she also executes accounting and record-keeping responsibilities. Jenaveve volunteers her time planning community arts festivals and performing locally, and she recently accepted a position on the Board of Directors for the Nueva Escuela de Música. She lives with her husband, John, and their cat, Maestro, in Denver, Colorado.

Program Coordinator

Royce Hodnett

"I have more confidence in my leadership abilities and in my knowledge and understanding of best practices in this field."


Affordable, self-directed and flexible learning was what Jenaveve Linabary was looking for in continuing education to deepen her knowledge of the arts and culture sector. Managing a continuing education program while working full time can be difficult. Learn how participation in the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy was the right balance for Jenaveve.

Can you tell me about where you were when you first applied to the program? Were you working? Where and what was your position?

When I first applied to the program, I was Office Manager for the Jefferson County Library Foundation. During the program, I transitioned into the role of Development Operations Coordinator for Central City Opera.

What were you specifically hoping to gain by participating in a continuing education program, such as this one?

By participating in a continuing education program, I was hoping to deepen my knowledge of the complexities of the arts and culture sector and demonstrate my investment in this field.

What ultimately made you decide to participate in this program as opposed to other programs?

I was considering graduate programs in business or non-profit administration, but I wasn’t sure whether these programs would move me forward in my career at this time. The Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy seemed like a better fit for me – the program would allow me to study content specific to the industry, engage with other arts professionals, and certify skills I have already developed in the positions I have held.

How did you find the time commitment/workload? How did you balance this with a full-time work schedule?

I knew I had room in my schedule to devote at least a few evenings a week to this program. While time commitment varied by course, I found that I was able to manage the workload as long as I planned ahead.

What was your favorite course or session? Why?

I particularly enjoyed Arts & Culture Finance, Fundraising, and Value in Arts & Culture. I found these courses had the most robust discussions, leading to new ideas, connections, and resources.

Tell us about your experience with the online learning component.

I have always been self-directed, so the online learning component was great for me! I appreciated that the online format allowed me to work at my own pace and on my own schedule (within the outline of each course), and I enjoyed interacting with the cohort through organized and organic discussions. This aspect came more easily once everyone had a chance to meet during the opening convening in Philadelphia.

What are the top 3 most valuable skills/takeaways from this program?

  1. Mission matters most – Are the decisions being made in alignment with your mission, does your mission reflect the value of your organization, is your mission actionable and measurable?
  2. Nothing is sacred – Avoid the ‘current services trap’, evaluate regularly, ask ‘why’.
  3. Be careful with growth – Examine your reasoning, consider capacity, prepare for all outcomes.

If you had to ask yourself what do I have now that I didn't have before the program, what would you say?

I have more confidence in my leadership abilities and in my knowledge and understanding of best practices in this field.

What would you say to a colleague in the arts field deciding whether to attend this program?

This program is ideal if you are looking for affordable, flexible, short-term continuing education that you will be able to leverage in a current or future arts or culture position.


We would like to extend a sincere thank you to Jenaveve for sharing her experience in the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy with us. If you would like to learn more about the program, click here.