It’s a Shark.

By     Mar 8, 2016
Have you heard the saying “a few sharks can ruin the sea”? Probably not. It’s not an actual saying. Perhaps it should be.

Have you ever wanted to take a chance on a new idea or project but found yourself hesitating? Why? It could be because you realize there is a chance it might fail, so you find yourself afraid to follow through.

Our friend, Beck Tench, writes often about failure. About confronting it, admitting it and defining it. On her blog, she offers a “flow chart for fear” to help you better understand its root. The fear of failure can be debilitating. Beck challenges you to determine whether it’s legitimate or not before you turn down a day at the beach.

If you are still struggling with confronting these fears, Beck gives you a step-by-step breakdown to draw your own sharks. Go ahead. Think of something you are afraid of.

Happy swimming.

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