Complex Problem? Fail Your Way to a Solution.

By     Mar 8, 2016
Like Ed Catmull of Pixar states, failure is necessary to producing successful creative work. If only because the first idea is not always the best idea. It requires reworking, shapeshifting. In this article, Financial Times columnist Tim Harford provides principles that you can use to accomplish this so-called ‘productive failure’:

1. “You have to cast a wide net”
2. “’Practice failing” in a safe space’”
3. “Be primed to let go of your idea if you’ve missed the mark”

We’ve seen over past two days that folks continue to come back to: 1. Trying as many ideas as possible and 2. Ensuring you are in a safe space.

This can be easier said than done. What are your tips to sandbox ideas in your work?

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