A Design Thinking Frame of Mind

By     Mar 10, 2016
When you’re watching things go down in flames or they’ve just collapsed in front of you, it can be hard to keep a broad perspective and focus on moving forward productively. This article by Miriam Persley at Leadership Learning Community (which references Beth Kanter from our post yesterday as inspiration) provides a twist on a design thinking framework to give us a practical list for working through failure, in a healthy way:
  1. Gain Empathy: Reflect
  2. Gain Empathy: Dig Deeper
  3. Reframe: Infer Insights
  4. Reframe: Set A Goal
  5. Creation: New Ideas
  6. Creation: Share New Ideas: Collective Leadership
  7. Iterate: Reflect Some More and Generate A Plan
  8. Build & Test: Build Your Solution
  9. Build & Test: Share & Collect Feedback
  10. Communication: Document Your Process

We love the application of design thinking to reflecting on failure. Key aspects of design thinking such as, iteration and testing assumptions can serve as a valuable framework to breakdown what’s at work during a failure state of mind.