Why Creative Community Fellows?

By     Jun 23, 2015
Creative Community Fellow

April Counceller

I saw the link to the Creative Community Fellows application on Facebook, posted by a friend from college. Within a few moments of reviewing the CCF information page at National Arts Strategies, I found myself thinking, "I should DO this!"  There were a few moments (such as when I fell down in the mud while trying to film my application video) when I doubted whether I would be selected, but from that first moment, I knew that this program was a perfect fit for me at this stage of my life. Community - Culture - The arts. I need this! Why?

I have just begun a position as the Executive Director of the Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository. I have in some ways been preparing myself for this position for much of my adult life, having previously been an intern, and then a staff member here. But with the dreams I have for this organization, I know I can't do it without help. Our organization has a strong mission and vision, but we now (having just passed 20 years since our founding) need to focus on reaching people we have not reached by innovating new ideas and technologies we have not yet tried. We need to come to terms with the shadow of intergenerational trauma, which continues to hold back community efforts to revitalize Alutiiq arts, language, and practices.

I decided to apply to the CCF program to get help addressing these issues. I am excited to meet my peers and mentors, to get ideas and form a lasting network!